V084: Der Maler Arnold Schönberg

Non-commercial, b/w (1989), 20:30.
U-Matic (NTSC)
U-Matic (PAL)

Written and directed by Georg Eisler and Wolfgang Lesowsky
An ORF production

Time Description
0:00 Titles
0:40 Georg Eisler (son of Hanns Eisler) makes introductory comments.
1:30 Scenes of Arnold Schoenberg Institute on USC campus. Schoenberg's biography is accompanied by various photos.
2:50 Footage of Vienna's Musikvereinsaal, from which Eisler speaks. He describes the artistic movements of the early 20th century, including the works of Richard Gerstl.
6:00 Eisler discusses Schoenberg's early self-portraits and paintings of his family and students.
8:20 Footage of Vienna's Liechtensteinstrasse where the Schoenbergs and Gerstl lived.
9:15 Eisler discusses Schoenberg's portrait of Mahler's funeral and other landscapes.
11:15 Eisler discusses the first exhibition of Schoenberg's works in Buchhandlung Hugo Heller.
12:45 Eisler discusses Schoenberg's set designs for his operas Erwartung and Die glückliche Hand.
14:00 Schoenberg's more abstract paintings are discussed.
15:30 The development of Schoenberg's relationship with Kandinsky is discussed, accompanied by photos of Schoenberg, his students, and his Mödling home.
19:00 Eisler makes concluding comments (op. 10 plays in background).
20:30 End of tape